Garden Lighting LED and Solar System of Italian Design

Outdoor Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is an extension of your style and intelligence that is through a careful selection of specific lamps Outdoor Lighting. Illuminate the garden with Modern Design is now possible using LED Garden Lights with cutting-edge technology that blend modern lines and minimalist.

This website dedicated to ‘ garden LED lighting integrated with solar kits or already integrated PV systems to achieve a system of solar garden lighting can answer your lighting requirements for outdoor lighting garden and home. At sunset you have the right lighting in the garden paths and walkways, in the gazebo, to delimit the terrace and to emphasize plants, transforms the landscape into a unique visual experience that enhances your home as well as make it safe during the hours of darkness.

Our products have to illuminate the garden produce in Italy are designed with design that combines the latest technology of LED lamps in sinuous lines Mediterranean and is the best choice to get a garden lighting system reliable, environmentally friendly and stylish.also over 5 meters away began the first problems.

Garden LED Lighting

Garden LED lighting for all outdoor garden. You will illuminate the paths making welcoming your input at home (also to impress on people visiting and neighbors) with very low power consumption and save money and energy in complete safety with the reliability of the LED. Plants lit with LED spotlights will return to the scenic majesty of your home as the lights from the wall as the chandeliers and sconces LED will make the living areas as gazebo, patio and terrace suitable to spend pleasant evenings.

For the most complex areas of sophisticated design, such as an arbor modern, you can use the LED strips that thanks to its small size are extremely versatile to light up the steps of stairs or outdoor, outline light the railings of the terrace and also replace the function of a chandelier gazebos and verandas with problems of reduced height.

How to light your garden with LED Light is no longer a problem, choose between different types your choise of garden LED Lighting.

Poles and bollards Lighting LED garden

Garden Lamps Led

Garden Lamps Led

Outdoor Lighting LED Light 400, 800 and 1200 lumens – with solar kit to undo consumption suited to ‘modern garden lighting. The stakes of the lamp measured 1.45 meters.

Lanterns Garden Led

Lanterns Garden Led

Lanterns for garden lighting Illuminant for outdoor design from 200, 400 and 600 Lumen – with photovoltaic solar kit for a zero impact. Height pallet 1.35 customizable on demand.

Garden LED streetlights

Garden LED streetlights

Street lamps for lighting public and private gardens with an innovative design from 2000, 4000 and 4800 lumens. The solar kit can be integrated or native to the ‘garden lighting led canceling the bill. Solutions for poles from 3.5 to 12 meters.

Outdoor Lighting Garden LED with wall mounting

Wall LED Outdoor Lighting

Wall LED Outdoor Lighting

Wall led to the outer wall of 200 and 400 Lumen – Low power consumption and integration with lighting Solar

Chandeliers for Outdoor LED

Chandeliers for Outdoor LED

Contemporary chandeliers LED 1200, 2500, 4000 and 4800 lumens to illuminate with style and elegance as the outdoor gazebo and attic and interior with modern design.

Spotlights Led Garden

Spotlights Led Garden

Led headlights and spotlights Led 900 lumens, 2000 lumens, 4000 lumens to give emphasis to the forms of home and garden such as trees, statues, fences and exterior walls.

led stips in gazebo

LED Strips

Strips LED Semi-outdoor, super reliable, high brightness and extremely versatile to fit the design of your furniture for external as gazebo, veranda and external stairs.

Garden LED lighting for energy conservation

Save up to 90% on your bill thanks to LED lights

Cutting-edge LED lighting for the garden

Cutting-edge LED lighting for the garden

Garden LED lighting is fundamental to reduce consumption for outdoor lighting. As the halogen lamp to incandescent, and the Neon compact fluorescent lamps, will be gradually replaced in most applications by LED lights.

The instant light, resistance to moisture, vibration, low temperature and average duration of 50,000 hours are other big advantages of the adoption of LED lighting systems garden but the advantage that made the difference is the energy savings can reduce fuel consumption by up to -90%.

A garden lamp LED for example, consumes half as a garden lamp bulb with compact fluorescent and incandescent bulbs 1/5.

As if not enough our products garden lighting LED feature in each light point of a mini-PC through the digital management of injection currents it is able to increase the already high luminous efficiency of the LEDs.

Garden lighting – LED cold for longer life and efficiency

Garden lights with DURATION minimum 20 years, minimum efficiency 100 lm / W

Garden Lights LED Cold

Garden Lights LED Cold

Speaking of LED cold often refers to the hue of the color of the light, but in this case we speak of temperature and heat. The light sources used to illuminate the garden (including LED), in the process of transformation from electricity to light energy, suffer losses that occur in the heat increasing power gradually the temperature adjacent the garden lamps. These high temperatures are directly related to the duration and to the ‘efficiency of the’ garden lighting.

The technology for the garden lights with LED Cold garden provides through digital control of current, to eliminate overheating of LEDs dramatically increasing the duration and further reducing fuel consumption. The temperature difference can be felt by hand in fact touching our garden lamps and LED touching an LED lamp that can be found all ‘Ikea or Leroy Merlin you may notice a temperature difference of at least 20 degrees Celsius (Energizing dispersed). Soon there will be a demonstration video.

All of our products to illuminate the gardens LED including LED spotlights, LED lamps, LED lanterns, LED lights, LED lamps and LED Street Lights are able to guarantee a minimum luminous efficacy of 100 lumens / Watt and a duration at least double the average of traditional LED (50,000 hours) then at least 100,000 hours.

Garden lighting – LED modern design

Garden lighting quality thanks to modern design

Garden LED lighting in the paths of a Villa Moderna

Garden LED lighting in the paths of a Villa Moderna

The small size of the LEDs allow the adoption of innovative and modern design with full respect for the quality of the lights for the garden.

Besides the management of the voltages, the quality of LED lighting also depends on the design adopted for the optical parts for the diffusion of the light. The optic lighting products for the garden offers are the same as for illuminating churches and works of art.

The phenomena of the sealant spreading out of the light beam are completely eliminated thanks to precision optics in Lexan.

The retina of our eyes has 7 million cones and 12 million rods. Our eye is not suitable for direct exposure to the light sources (eg. Look at the sun for a long time would make us blind) and has adapted to the perception of the reflected light on the bodies that are watched. The reflected light is transduced by photo-receptors in bioelectrical signals that are transmitted in the optic nerve and processed images from our brains. Since our eyes predisposed to exposure to direct light, the correct lighting solution provides for the absence of glare phenomena.
The latest technology associated with elaborate designs are the ingredients that we han possible to achieve the best LED lights Outdoor minimalist.


Garden lighting – Solar for positive karma

Respect the planet thanks to the Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Garden lamps in small solar garden lighting system

Garden lamps in small solar garden lighting system

The construction of a plant for solar garden lighting is more informed choice for those who want the ultimate in energy SAVINGS and is part of the solutions called zero impact.

The Renewable energies are the future for our sustenance energy. Among the most important is the ‘solar energy that is produced through the’ use of photovoltaic panels which convert sunlight into electricity.

Ongoing research and experimentation have allowed the ‘increase in the efficiency and lifetime of photovoltaic panels approaching so more and more public and private structures in’ use of photovoltaic solar energy systems.

Choose a solar garden lighting contributes to energy savings and improves the energy class of your accommodation facility to reduce consumption and combat any blackouts. Energy conservation also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and a positive environmental karma that reflects the style of a noble spirit.

Garden lighting – Solar for Zero Impact

Garden lighting at no cost thanks to solar energy

Photovoltaic streetlight LED Lighting solar garden

Photovoltaic streetlight LED Lighting solar garden

If all systems of LED lighting for outdoor, such as street lights or street lights for the ‘garden lighting, they were solar powered then it would achieve the maximum energy savings referred to as Zero Impact. We talk about zero impact when you are disconnected from the mains and have renewable sources for their needs energetiche.La understanding of the importance of energy conservation is becoming more widespread. A continuous development of renewable sources is solar energy. Through photovoltaic panels you can transform the energy radiated by the sun into electricity. The solar energy produced helps to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment and to this end has made Madeinled of solar kits for integration in your plant garden lighting. L ‘adoption of the sun as a renewable source is one of the measures dictated by the energy savings as well as the gradual replacement of the light sources with devices equipped with LED lighting. The energy saving translates into reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in ‘environment because less will be the demand of electric current, the lower the production, and lower emissions that generate the power plants to produce energy through combustion. L ‘carbon dioxide is the standard deviation of the combustion of the process for obtaining the mechanical power through turbines which precisely generate the electricity.


Garden lighting – Solar powered with Meteo+

Photovoltaic systems reliable and durable with Meteo+

All The garden lamps solar energy have the technology of Weather + Novaprecisio. Weather + technology allows the management of the tensions of the battery which is recharged by the sun. Bad weather such as rain or fog is incident on the battery charge and Weather + allows the operation of ‘solar garden lighting up to 25 days of no sunlight.

The kit for garden lighting solar energy is composed of the charge controller and battery silicon for frequent cycles of charge / discharge.

This innovative technology allows the automatic adjustment of the current absorbed by the light spots in order to optimize the light power emitted ensures the operation of the solar garden lamps even after weeks of failure or reduced insolation.
The calculation is carried out through a system of stochastic differential equations nonlinear time-varying on the basis of the charge capacity of the solar panel according to weather conditions. The microprocessor present in each light point performs calculations and statistical forecasting in order to predict the weather conditions and to better manage not only the current consumption of the current but also the future.
The costs for the illumination and outdoor garden are canceled, the light is ensured even in case of black-out lamps acting also as an emergency light. The term of office of a solar lamp is one of the fundamental elements to express the quality. Weather + System allows your lighting of the garden (or even a cabin) to work up to 25 consecutive days.
Batteries silicon allow very high numbers of cycles of caricature battery kit integrating solar energy and offering an efficient lighting system, long-term and consistent with energy upgrading of the structure that will illuminate.

Outdoor Lighting for Gardens

Outdoor lighting garden with oxidations

Outdoor lighting garden with oxidations

As can be seen from the images ‘exposure to inappropriate materials to outdoor lighting are the victim of oxidation corrosive going to affect the operation, the’ aesthetics, style and safety of the illuminating device.
Often in the purchase of a spot light for outdoor use it shall not be taken into account that a product for outdoor must be much more robust with respect to a lamp interior.
The main problems of ‘Outdoor lighting (from the English meaning “outdoor” or “External” and is widely used in the description of many types of products) are wear generated by exposure to the elements and the most common to all It is the presence of the sun in materials such as plastic generates common molecular disintegration resulting in micro-cracks and yellowing making your light points to external aesthetically pleasing. Other causes in particular environments even accelerate the disruptive effect of the sun with respect to the aesthetic and structural, and the degree of maintenance and its implications for the parties illuminating.

Outdoor lighting Led suffers the problem of frequent power failures that can be critical on the duration of the electro-bright diodes. Voltage drops occur along portions of the lighting of the garden between light source and light point and generally also over 5 meters away began the first problems.


When to replace the outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lamp designed for avoiding wear

Outdoor lamp designed for avoiding wear

The ‘outdoor lighting is to replace when aging due to weather reduces the’ efficiency and ‘aesthetics in outdoor lamps. L ‘wear is manifested by the’ yellowing of the lamp and the luminous flux reduction or even the ignition failure as a result of burns.

The efficiency of the lamps is linked to the decay of the total luminous flux in the illuminating part. The lighting element is usually composed of the light source and a protective mask.

When the illuminating part becomes dirty because of insects or prematurely aged for the ‘outer wear is a reduction of the luminous flux and a consequent reduction in the efficiency in the light point from outside. Usually one does not exceed the threshold of reduction of the luminous flux to 70% of the nominal to make a substitution. For example a reduction in the lamplight to 60% means that if the ‘original lighting system was 10000 Lumen now we have 6000 lumens of total luminous flux but consuming more to 10000 !!!


How to choose the lighting outside the Garden?

design garden lightingThe ‘garden lighting is part of the’ external lighting and as such faces a number of issues related to the environment just laying often difficult. This speech is tied to ‘reliability and all’ aesthetics of external lighting systems, as they are subjected to many more factors than those from the interior and with the primary function of security..

To maintain a high level of security and not having to incur frequent maintenance becomes essential to choose reliable products free from disruptions and sufficiently “robust” to last in the environment pose outside with good quality materials and appropriate degree of protection IP. During the choice of a lamp for outdoor lighting in the garden it is essential to check also the materials and manufacturing.

Our answer to ‘outdoor lighting is the adoption of materials with proven resistance to atmospheric agents even in the toughest conditions from outside as can be maritime areas.

Lighting service Gardens

We offer a service to 360 ° lighting gardens putting you provide professionals in the creation of beautiful Landscape through the ‘expert design carried out by landscapers. Once it realized the lighting design for the garden to make the most of your outdoor areas, will follow also the stage of realization of ‘electrical system that will power the lighting system along with a qualified electrician to release all certificates required by the legislation. If you already have an electrician we’ll coordinate with him to turn your garden into an ‘oasis of light.

If you are not a lover of DIY calls now without commitment at + 39 346/9783030 we will deal with all the stages concerning the construction of:

  • Lighting Private Gardens
  • Lighting Villas and Gardens with swimming pool (We also lights Led by immersion)
  • Lighting Public Gardens (Parks of municipalities)

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