LED Lighting Garden Prices And Deals

Lighting Garden Prices And Deals


This section of the site garden lighting you can compare prices and performance of our product offerings to illuminate the garden. Also by subscribing to the newsletter you will have free access to the garden lighting and unique offers with discounted prices periodically offers that you can not find on the web site.

Garden lighting prices from 15/2 to 31/3

Offer lamps and lanterns with -25% on Prices

Offer valid from 02/15/2016 to 31/03/2016 reserved for premium customers who have subscribed to the newsletter.


Forever 10% on prices

The offer provides a discount of 25% on the purchase of stakes in Design LED light for garden lighting. Products with reduced price, specifically, are the lamps Garden Minimalism I. II and III and thelanterns Garden Mini-Minimalism I, II and III.

For example, to buy even just one lamp Minimalism III with price of 980 Euro price list, the cost will be reduced by 25% allowing you to buy the lamp to 735 Euro.

Besides completing the ‘subscription to a premium customer automatically become Newsletter enjoying forever discounted prices 10% on garden lightingproducts.

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Choose products by comparing of ‘outdoor lighting prices according to category is simple by consulting the tables of discounts on quantity.

All prices that you can find on the website relate to the purchase of the unit of garden lighting products Led lights and solar photovoltaic. However, available discounts on the purchase of amounts greater than one. Discover the discount on prices to illuminate your garden.

Garden Lamps Prices and Discounts


Discover tables happy for garden lamps prices with discount on quantities and only prices Newsletter subscribers with special offers.

  • Price Lamps Minimalism The 780 Euro
  • Price Lamps II Minimalism 880 Euro
  • Price Lamps Minimalism 980 Euro III
Lamps Garden Prices

Lanterns Garden Prices and Discounts


The prices of the lanterns from the garden you can find them for sale in tables practices to facilitate the purchase according to your needs.

  • Price lanterns MiniMinimalism The 680 Euro
  • Price lanterns MiniMinimalism II 780 Euro
  • Price lanterns MiniMinimaism III 880 Euro
Lanterns Garden Prices

Applique LED Prices and Discounts


The applique of LED prices for modern lights outside the house you can find them in the relevant page indicated in the table with the amount of discounts and special discounts on the price for premium customers.

  • Price Applique Mini Exential 400 Euro
  • Price Applique Exential 500 Euro
applique Prices

Solar Street Lights Garden Prices and Discounts


Compare prices of the street lamps, solar garden by consulting the tables of the relevant page. Discover the discounts up to 30% on the purchase of solar street lights and find the right price for illuminating at no cost.

  • Price Garden lamp post / Road Solar 2600 Euro
  • Price Solar Streetlight Design Euro 4000
Solar Street Lights Prices

Save on the price of LED Spotlights

Cheap prices for Garden LED lighting

The Relamping LED is the next great offer that allows you to save up for those who have to buy LED lights at a reasonable price to take advantage of energy-saving lighting technology LED lights Novaprecisio.

The transaction involves the replacement of the core in your old halogen lamps and ceiling lights with neon tubes with LED lighting made in Italy. Refurbishing of your garden to the price really low lighting will allow you to get hold of LED spotlights outside with all the benefits associated with LED lights.

Learn more on the offer Relamping LED .