Garden Lighting System with LED Light

You must realize Lighting System Garden?You have just finished building the house and need to illuminate the garden and the outside of the house? Or you are under renovation to furnish and decorate the garden with lighting?

When your garden lamps do not provide enough light, others are even burnt due to wear and have become yellow. The safety and the ‘aesthetics of your garden are now compromised and at this point we come to your rescue.

Whether you need to create a small system to illuminate the driveway to welcome guests in safety or provide a system for illuminating public gardens, we can answer all your lighting needs.

Once contact is established and defined your needs to illuminate the garden we will deal with all stages to make your garden lighting system and by offering support for:

Garden lighting project

If you do not have clear ideas on how to best illuminate the garden you can make use of the advice of architects, engineersand landscape architects that we put at your disposal to give life to your garden lighting project.

They will design the garden lighting system so as to provide LED light to your outdoor settings by positioning the lights, with the support of a professional, and getting the best visual impact to the exterior of the house by finding the right balance between your lighting requirements and the regulations regarding outdoor lighting.

In the realization of the garden lighting project, lighting levels will be calculated based on the position held ideals. For example in the points of passage for the cars is essential, for safety reasons, illuminate more than an area designed to relax in the veranda or in the gazebo.

Choosing Outdoor Lamp LED

There are many types of outdoor LED lamps to provide light to the garden and each covers a clearly defined function and responds to specific needs.For example to illuminate a patio you can choose the outdoor wall lamps and lighting of a driveway you can opt for solutions to be installed in the ground.

On our site you can view the products for garden lighting to be installed in your next system and without obligation we will help you in the selection of outdoor LED lamps to give new light to your outdoor gardens.

You can also choose the color of the outdoor LED lamps from 2000k to 8000k words from Hot white Light to Cold white Light.

The customization of the garden lighting project addition to your garden of light shades allows for the logo with your brand for outdoor lamps in the case of lighting of gardens for businesses.

Power plant Garden lighting

Although LED lighting systems can save up to 90% of ‘electrical energy required for lighting, creating an electrical system powered by solar energy it will allow you to illuminate the garden at no additional cost.

Installation of electrical equipment for Garden

During installation of the ‘ electrical system for the garden will not have to worry about anything, we’ll take care of carrying out the excavations in the ground to accommodate the LED lighting system and connections in junction boxes (received or in the ground or on the outside walls depending on the plant), following the pattern (made during the project ) to the points of light as it should be according to law.
It commits to the supply of materials for the electrical system including

  1. Junction boxes
  2. Electric cables
  3. Corrugated pipe
  4. 12 Volt power supply
  5. Twilight sensor

Proper installation will allow you to get the certificate of conformity required by US law which can only issue a qualified electrician guaranteeing the electrical system security in accordance with the garden.

Fast installation of Outdoor Lighting

All products used to make the garden lighting system or outdoor lighting feature a practical design that enables quick installation.

For the stakes in the ground we use an auger. For floors there is a base to be fixed with 3 practical fisher and the wall lighting equally. While for the garden lampposts solutions on pole have universal connections for all types of post.

For example we are able to install more than 10 points of light even in a working day.

Request a quote for Garden Lighting System

Whether you are an individual, a landscape architect, an architect, or even a light designer with special requests please do not hesitate to contact us.

Remember to visit the page of offers garden lighting prices with discounted – by subscribing to newsletterer at the time of the request for proposal for the LED lighting system, the presence of your e-mail address in our database you will authorize to obtain a further 10% discount on all products and consequently on the cost of garden lighting system.

Filling in the contact form we will contact you and we can organize ourselves to realize the ‘lighting system for your garden turning it into an oasis of light.