LED Garden Lighting Products

On our web site you can find LED garden lighting products to serve light in all spaces and outdoors in the garden. You will illuminate the paths with the perfect amount of LED light making welcoming your input at home and also to impress on people visiting or neighbors.

Nowadays when you need light to illuminate the garden is always thinking of solutions to LED lights because they have many advantages compared to other outdoor lamps such as halogen, iodide and also with respect to the compact fluorescent lamps.

The garden lighting is an important part for furnishing outdoor areas and as such should be carefully chosen. The spread of LED technology has taken a foothold in the garden lighting .

All our products to illuminate the LED gardens including LED lights, LED lamps, LED lanterns, LED lights, LED lamps and LED Street Lights are able to ensure a luminous efficiency of at least 100 lumens / Watt and a duration of at least twice the average of the conventional LED (50,000 hours) 100000 or so hours.

We offer outdoor stylish design and functional lamps that allow you to achieve the correct LED garden lighting and at the same time cover the ornamental appearance.

The plants lit with LED lights will return to overview the majesty of your home as the lights exterior wall as the floor lamps and sconces LED will make the living areas as a gazebo, veranda and terrace suited to spend pleasant evenings.

The prices Garden LED Lighting

Before buying products for the ‘garden LED light illumination is convenient inquire doing some research on the web to compare prices(offers, promotions and discounts) of how much the market of’ outdoor lighting to LEDs offers.

But how to understand what the LED light the most advantageous solution for the garden?

LED lights illuminate the garden means less fuel used in the name of energy conservation and ensure security along with the duration of the LEDs.

To benefit fully from the garden LED lights advantages it is important to clarify the differences that exist between the various outdoor lighting LED. By understanding the difference between LED and LED we in a position to evaluate the price of an outdoor LED lampaccording to the features available in the details of the products. This will allow us to carry out objectively purchases.

The Garden of LED lights prices are extremely variable and the factors that affect the cost of an outdoor LED lamp are mainly:

  • LED technology
  • Production

The LED technologies for lighting in Garden

As we said the type of technology used in LED outdoor lighting is one of the factors that affect the price of garden lighting products LED lights.

Power Analog or Digital?

The LED lighting systems operate with an input voltage of direct current. Our electricity networkoperates at 230 volts AC. Therefore, to operate a LED is necessary to reduce the tension andstraighten the electric current to serve at the entrance of the diodes the ideal operating values.

Ways to reduce and straighten voltages and currents in the LED lights are mainly of two types namely analog and digital. ‘S usually unreliable analog power supply are used semiconductor diodes and capacitors. As for the ‘digital power supply it is now known that is more reliable than the previous and employs the so-calledpulse width modulation (PWM).

Another problem especially for the LED lights from outside are the voltage drops that an analog system would fail to compensate or would compensate inefficiently.

The difference in price between a few diodes and capacitors compressed into an LED bulb and an electronic card with a lot of processorand its programming is clearly great.

You buy a bulb with a maximum of 20 € (and never lasts 50000 hours reported in external) while an outdoor lamp with Electronic card to manage the LED lights can start from 300 Euro to rise depending on the power required to light.

The technology of LED garden lights is therefore directly related to the price as also the quality of investment.

I remind you that technology affects

  1. Luminous efficiency
  2. LEDs life
  3. lighting quality

cold LED technology for Garden Lighting

Garden lights with DURATION minimum 20 years, minimum Efficiency 100 Lm / W

The technology used for garden lights that keep the LED Cold provides for the elimination of excess temperature through the digital control of current.

This precision digital control dramatically increases the LED life and further reduces the electric current consumption.

For octene these advantages of our LED garden lighting products feature in each light point of a mini-computer which is in fact able to increase the life and luminous efficiency of the LEDs.

The temperature difference can also be seen hand in fact touching our LED garden lamps and touching a LED lamp that can be found at‘ikea, Leroy Merlin or you may notice a temperature difference of at least 20 degrees Celsius (Energizing dispersed).

Speaking of cold LEDs often refers to the hue of the color of light, but in this case we speak of temperature and heat.

The LED lights to illuminate the garden, in the process of transformation from light energy to electrical energy, suffer losses that occur in the heat. The greater the loss, the greater the unnecessary consumption. In addition, these high temperatures are directly related to the duration and all ‘efficiency of’ LED garden lighting.

The materials of illluminazione Outdoor LED Light

The materials used to achieve LED garden lighting products must have the characteristics of a specific lighting system of LED lights from outside. The quality of materials should therefore also affect the final price of an outdoor LED lamp.

In the case of LED garden lights should consider the materials in an overall framework which is to understand

  1. Structure
  2. Electronics LED board

Structure of Outdoor LED Lamps

For the bearing structure there are no restrictions for a traditional garden lamp as a LED lights. However there are differences on the cost of materials.

The outdoor lamps employ cheaper plastic for the main structure, to follow are the cast iron and finally among the most expensive we can find wrought iron when undergoing treatment, thecor-ten, the ‘316 stainless steel, l’ aluminum also it improves when it becomes the ‘anodized aluminum.

For our Garden LED lighting products we use the following materials because they are the unalterable and exuding elegance:

  • Lexan
  • Stainless Steel 316
  • Anodized aluminum silver alloy

Electronic Board LED Outdoor

The electronic cards are the heart of an outdoor LED lamp and dependent thereupon the management of the voltages that will feed the LEDs to illuminate the exterior.

As we have seen over the management can be analog or digital. The bulbs are often analog and devoid of real electronic boards as delegate these tasks to simple and unreliable diodes and capacitors. The lighting in the most professional and reliable LED are digital.

Also employ shoddy sheets for LED Outdoor will lead the crushing due to temperature changes too.

For this reason, our products also employ treated aluminum circuit boards can withstand harsh outdoor environments.

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