Photovoltaic technology has improved dramatically over the last few decades and today it is being used for many different applications. Of course, the most commonly recognized application is for the production of electricity for residential and commercial use. However, the improved nature of today’s solar panels have allowed for much smaller versions that are still capable of producing adequate power for smaller applications. Outdoor solar lighting is one common use for these miniature solar modules.

Traditionally, outdoor lighting had to be directly tied to the electrical system of the home or office building. This meant that dozens of meters of wiring needed to be laid in order to install effective perimeter lighting around a property. For the average homeowner, this meant that professional electricians were required, which of course costs money. Furthermore, once the time, effort, and expense had been invested in the installation process, these lights would continue to cost more money in the form of an increase in the monthly utility bill.

The solution to all of these problems is to incorporate outdoor solar lighting instead of the traditional hard-wired variety. The first advantage that solar powered lights offer is that of convenience, especially if one is looking to illuminate a large piece of property. Because these lights can operate independently of a home’s electrical system, they can quite literally be put anywhere without having to worry about running wires or fiddling with electricity, which can be dangerous if not properly trained to do so. The only requirement for using a solar lighting system is that they be placed in areas that have access to direct sunlight during daylight hours.

During daylight hours, the small-scale solar panels that are incorporated into the design of these lights generate electricity, which is then stored in an onboard battery for use once the sun goes down. This makes them ideally suited to the homeowner that wants easy, convenient, and effective property illumination without the effort and expense of installing a hardwired lighting scheme. It also makes it easy to adjust the spacing and placement of the lights whenever needed without having to dig up and re-bury any wires.

Another advantage of outdoor solar lighting, especially for the homeowner on a budget, is that they do not impact the monthly electricity bill. Because all of the electricity needed to operate these lights is generated through the solar panels incorporated into their design, they do no draw any power from the home itself. This means that no matter how many lights one chooses to use in their landscaping design, their monthly energy bills will never increase as a result of their use. Outdoor solar lighting can be found in dozens of different styles, making it relatively easy to find just the right lights for your yard or garden. Whether one is looking for something discreet, or wants one’s yard to be seen from space, there is something for just about everyone. Most home and garden centers across the country will have a variety of different designs from which to choose.