Outdoor LED Lamp for Garden Mini-Minimalism I


The lanterns Garden Outdoor LED Mini-Minimalism's are ideal for lighting driveways, walkways and paths in the garden.
They have a luminous flux of light unidirectional LED 200 Lumen with a consumption of only 2 watts.



With lanterns Garden you can create light paths so serving light for lighting walkways garden paths and also to illuminate the entrances of the house.
These lanterns Outdoor LED Light are working with products designed and manufactured in Italy with materials able to withstand the most adverse weather conditions.
To have in the garden Outdoor lighting points with LED lighting ensures a reduction in consumption, especially these lanterns for outdoor possess LED technology that maximizes the useful benefits of LEDs such as the life of up to 100,000 hours of operation, and not least the luminous efficiency of these lighting fixtures.

Lanterns Modern Design

The Concept pursued allows LED lanterns for the garden to enhance any outdoor space and green area through a beautiful fusion generated by this product minimalist lighting.

Delicious cuisine with the Garden

Transparencies and truly unique essential forms are the key to the minimalist style that can be found in the design of this little lamp modern garden.

Excellent lighting in Garden

The light emitted by the lantern is turned downwards in fact the design of this type of garden lamps is designed to never give a direct light to the human eye, so avoiding to annoy the view.

Lights in the Garden? LED

What kind of lights to use in the garden? but of course the LEDs because they consume less and last longer. Among all forms of artificial lighting, the LED lighting is the most efficient and at the same time that lasts longer. Also with our LED technology these characteristics are amplified: thus more light for the garden, less cost, and less changes (every 22 years).

All LED lights for Garden

In addition to the garden lanterns we can find LED lighting solutions with the same technology as garden lamps, wall lights LED indoor and outdoor, modern chandeliers even from outside, LED lights for outdoor, indoor and outdoor LED spotlights, strips and rods LED, here.

As illuminates the garden lamp?

The price does not matter when you find the right lantern garden perfect to brighten up your house entrance.

Lighting Garden 10 Sqm

This garden lamp emits unilaterally opening to 120 ° degrees 200 Lumen that shed light for about 10 square meters in front of him. This type of outdoor lighting is suitable for the walkways lighting walkways and paths in the garden.
An example of use to illuminate a wide driveway three meters would be the lanterns of LED placement on the two sides alternating every 6 meters on each side.

Elegant Trails Illuminati

Accommodate neighbors and relatives in the right way it is important, for those who love to make you distinguish your style.

Your garden at night, thanks to the lighting such as lanterns LED garden and small attentions for the garden furniture, you can turn it into a story allowing you to relax for a pleasant evening breaks

With this style of product you can create in your elegant garden lit paths. By the light of lanterns orienterai your visitors to the main entrance of the house.
It will provide visitors with a clear path from the grand style to make the entrance to your home staggering through the garden with a guide of lights.

Plant Outdoor Lighting Solar

The garden lanterns can be powered by solar energy. By installing a photovoltaic system upstream of the lighting it is possible to feed the lanterns with solar energy and thus cancel outdoor lighting costs.

Solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy which is stored in batteries silicon. At night this electricity is used from street to turn on the LEDs then emit light free in your garden.