Solar garden accent lights are a great way to make your garden greener than it already is. Garden lighting is a popular way of individualizing your garden areas, adding that touch of complimenting technology to the aesthetics of a primarily biological domain. There was a time where accent lighting involved a lot of labor, in terms of wiring outdoor lights into your home electric system.

Solar garden accent lights are a huge step forward in a number of ways. Firstly, the units are self contained. This means that the laborious process of wiring the units to each other, and then back to the house is completely eliminated. For many styles, there is no digging at all required: simply drive a support stake into the earth and place the light on the stake. That is not even the best part of this new technology however.
The most exciting thing about solar garden accent lights is that they create no additional power draw on your home once they are installed. This means zero additional electric usage. How do they do it? The small panel on top of each lighting unit collects sunlight, which it stores in a battery, like the ones in mobile electronic devices. The panel and battery are hooked up to a light sensor. When there is not enough light to generate power, the collection system switches off. When the light falls a little further, the sensor will switch the bulb on, and the unit starts giving off the energy it collected all day. The unit is completely self sufficient, providing you with worry-free light.