If you want to brighten nighttime views of your garden, consider solar landscape lights. These lights are inexpensive and do not require a power cords or electricity. Because solar lights rely on free energy from the sun, the only cost you have is the light fixture itself.

With a traditional version of lights to illuminate your shrubbery and other landscaping, you would need to run wiring for electricity underground. Burying power lines can be tricky, tedious and expensive. When you opt for solar powered lights for your landscaping, you will skip the troublesome steps of laying down wiring. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about the recurring cost of paying for electricity to power your lights.

The photovoltaic panels in solar landscape lights soak up energy from the sun all day long. The panels are integrated into the light fixture. A battery is also contained within the light. With several hours of sunlight, the outdoor solar light fixture can shine for up to ten hours during the night.