Nowadays, solar lights are continuing to increase in outdoor use by home owners and commercial businesses. Since LEDs are an efficient light source and draw far less power than a traditional light bulb, many solar product manufacturers prefer to use them for almost all of the solar devices out there, from large scale LED road lane markers to smaller scale garden lights.

Solar LED garden lights aren’t as blazingly bright as a wired halogen lamp, but they can be an efficient and convenient way to illuminate your outdoor spaces, especially in areas where you want to avoid the trouble of using wires. Solar LED garden lights continue to grow in use and are being included more in the overall design phase of landscaping. Solar lights can increase visibility on pathways in your garden, deck, patio, or yard which increases safety for one’s well being. Putting solar lights on a path or to have them hang along on a sidewalk helps to illuminate a safe walking path or to strongly highlight a part of your garden. They are also highly cost efficient to help reduce electric bills because the batteries in solar lights recharge during the day using the sun.

These batteries should hold enough charge to power the bright LED lights all throughout the night, which is up to twelve hours. Depending on the model, several solar lights can be charged from one single solar panel and each light is designed to be weather and water proof. There is also automatic on and off switching that eliminates the need to setup timers. One of the best features of solar landscape lighting is not just their visibility but also their versatility and ease to be used anywhere. Without the need for electrical wires and extension cords, solar LED garden lights can be placed almost anywhere in the yard.

To add onto their versatile abilities, these lights can now also be installed not only on the ground, but on walls, fences, decks, and patios as well. Another great feature of solar lighting is the wide variety of choices in designs. Manufacturers offer stylish looks and finishes in black, silver, brown, copper, white, or even antique inspired finishes, all to enhance not only the look but the lighting in your overall landscape. Some disadvantages to consider with solar LED garden lights are that they tend to have only a small area of solar cells and a relatively modest battery capacity, which usually results in emitting a small amount of light for only a short period of time.

Before solar technology was deemed an efficient resource, these light products had a reputation for its short term functioning and was not a popular choice for outdoor lighting needs. However, with continuous advancements in this research, current and future generations of solar lighting are becoming a more viable choice in an age where society is running out of traditional resources. Also,as with many things, the more you pay the better the quality of the product, so solar LED garden lights with low voltage bulbs are an economical option. However, there is an effort to make modern solar lighting more affordable and stylish as new models are introduced and updated regularly.