A solar post light is a great addition to your yard. This light can serve as a welcoming beacon to friends and neighbors that visit your home. It can also ward off would be criminals by indicating your presence in the home.

A fitting use for solar power is by using it outdoors. The cost of solar powered outdoor lighting is significantly lower than some larger applications of solar energy. There are a few things to make note of regarding positing a light post that utilizes energy from the sun.

Positioning is of utmost importance. The solar cells in the light fixture require several hours of direct sunlight in order to fully charge the batteries which will power the light after dark. Make sure that there are no large trees, buildings or other structures that will shade the light during the day. It is also important to inspect your outdoor solar light frequently to make sure that has not become shaded by greenery that had grown significantly or new construction. Cleanliness is also important because dirt and even bird droppings on the light can impact its charging effectiveness.